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Autographed and Personally Inscribed copy

Autographed and Personally Inscribed copy

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From a featured author in the health and happiness bestseller, The Wellness Code, a humorous and transformational six-book series for women about how to step out of life’s ginormous puddles, and firmly into your power.

La-Verne Parris, JD, MEd is that upbeat, but almost supernaturally wise and real-talking coach/auntie you’ve always wanted in your ear, to help you get up in spirit or out of a jam. She has stumbled on the slippery city blocks of a noisy and gaslighting world a few times herself, as a single, professional woman of color with actual hips and unapologetically natural hair. As she storytells in the Happiness Handbooks series, even the most grounded and conscientious of women can find themselves set up for a fall.

Finding real love, meaningful work, and authentic happiness in the hustle and bustle of problematic societies is no easy feat—especially for women and women of color. Somewhere in between preserving your rights and preserving your peace, you may find yourself either wishing for bath bombs or that spaceship to just take away. But, if we shift and uplift our mindsets, and take targeted steps, La-Verne demonstrates that we can actually make the world we want for ourselves as women.

With comedy, breathtaking honesty, and razor-sharp strategies cultivated by her Jamaican traditions, decades of life spent in her adopted City of New York and traveling the world, La-Verne helps us navigate life's twists and turns with love and merciful ease. This book series is about how to insist upon and embrace your authentic self, recharge your emotional batteries, reclaim and stand in your power, and thrive with a smile despite what the headlines and haters say. Sisters: All Rise!
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